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At St Joseph’s, we use and promote new and emerging technologies to support, enrich and enhance student learning. We believe that to effectively educate our students, we must provide them with an understanding of available technology and the influence it has in their lives. The presence and use of Information and Communication Technology is an integral part of the modern classroom.

At St Joseph’s we integrate the use of technology into daily classroom practice in a manner which allows students to interact with technology as a regular part of the learning process. ICLT is seen as an effective tool in enhancing the learning experiences of students as well as empowering students through the use of the students’ natural alignment to, and involvement in, the digital world.

A wide range of technology is used to assist in developing 21st Century learning skills in all students. As with all Wollongong Diocese primary schools, we typically use Apple technology.

MacBooks, iPads, iPod Touches and iMac computers are utilised by all students to access the internet and appropriate applications to enhance and support learning.  Each classroom at St Joseph’s has access to variety of the above technology. All learning spaces have SMARTBoards installed, which allow staff to introduce new concepts, consolidate learning and support learning intervention. The SMARTBoards also enable teachers to design interactive and highly visual lessons to support student learning across all facets of the curriculum.

All students and parents are given a Technology Agreement form to sign in order to use technology in our school. This forms also gives permission to use the internet, and allow photos to be used on our school website and/or local media.

Digital citizenship is a priority at St Joseph’s with all students participating in learning experiences that focus on being responsible and ethical users of technology. 

All students at St Joseph’s Bulli have a student Google account in which students can utilise calendars, publishing and presentation tools, collaborative tools through sharing Google drive documents as well as access to their own school based and monitored email accounts.

You may find our Acceptable Use of Technology Policy here.
Acceptable Use of Technology & Permission Form

Additionally, you may also find our school device policies here.
Stage 2 School Owned Devices Policy
Stage 2 BYOD iPad Policy
Stage 3 1 to 1 Technology Policy