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Lane Clark

square laneclark2Lane Clark has a well-earned reputation as an expert in powerful pedagogy and in the design and delivery of engaging curriculum.  Her authentic, transdisciplinary approach to learning is founded on teaching students how to learn, how to think and how to use new technologies to enhance their learning.  A culture of innovation and enterprise is promoted as the so whatTM stage of Lane’s learning model drives learners to USE new learning to make a difference in their lives and the lives of othersTM.

Lane Clark and St Joseph’s have been working together for over 6 years, with Lane visiting our school at least once a year to inservice our teachers on her latest research and pedagogical discoveries.  All students engage with the Think TowerTM, ThinkboxTM Thinking Framework and her Think!nQTM  Real Learning Framework; along with Lane’s extensive processes such as AuthorthinkTM, SciencethinkTM, and Thinkit GreatTM.  Student’s explore these processes through their extensive work in all Key Learning Areas.  Since beginning the Lane Clark journey, staff at St Joseph’s have found student’s taking their learning to deeper and richer levels of understanding, with inquiries often evolving into student’s taking action, and making a difference or impact to not only their lives, but to the wider community.

Lane has worked extensively with teachers from around the world as well as consultants, University professionals, students, parents and business groups.  She has also presented at numerous national and global conferences and has been a keynote speaker at the last Five International Conferences on Thinking, alongside Art Costa (Habits of Mind) and other leading thinkers and educators.

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