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iTunes U Course

St Joseph's has developed a public iTunes U Course which contains relevant links, apps, policies and procedures for our 1:1 program.

Please visit the link to subscribe to our course

Stage 2  

Stage 3  

Below is a list of the required apps for each Year group in 2017. This list will also be found in the subscribed iTunes U course. 

Changes can be made for each class respectively. 

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Dictionary Skoolbo Dictionary
Puppet Pals Block Buddies MyScript Calculator
Verso Kahoot Overdrive
Socrative Student Verso Qrafter
Google Drive Dictionary Google Drive
Google Classroom Brainpop Jnr Google Classroom
Google Docs Mandala Free Google Docs
Google Slides Seesaw Google Slides
Google Sheets Pic Collage Google Sheets
Brainpop Jnr Google Drive BrainPop
Aurasma Google Classroom Pic Collage
Sketch Guru Google Docs Adobe Spark
Mandala Free Google Slides Be S.M.A.R.T
Kahoot Google Sheets Stop Motion Studio
Epic Book Creator Thing Link
Seesaw Popplet Super 7
SkoolBo Art Set Bible
Pic Collage Explain Everything Tellagami
Book Creator iMovie Skoolbag
Popplet GarageBand Padlet
Art Set 10 Minutes a day
Explain Everything Seesaw
Targeting Maths 3 Skoolbo
iMovie Piano Maestro
GarageBand Kahoot
Colour Effects
Sketch Guru
Book Creator
Art Set
Explain Everything
Ghost Type
DragonBox Algebra
Tools 4 Students 
Strip Designer