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Setup Apple ID

You, as parents will be required to create an Apple ID for your child’s iPad. To do this, go to the Apple ID website and follow the prompts. Important: We would like you to use the student’s email address as the Apple ID.

We want to be best able to provide technical support to our students. In order to do this we need to be able to access the emails sent to them whilst they are at the school. When you use your private email address this becomes very difficult. For example, there are times when a student forgets their password associated with their Apple ID. Apple sends the reminder to the email address registered with the Apple ID. For this reason, if the student uses their school email address we are able to provide them with the immediate support and can get the problem resolved quickly.

We suggest that no credit card is associated with the Apple ID, and that the Apple ID is used exclusively for your child’s iPad. 

You can view step instructions for creating a new Apple ID by downloading the PDFs below: 

icon Apple ID Instructions - Option 1 - Prefered Method

icon Apple ID Instructions - Option 2


A full device guide created by the SJB IT Team detailing the whole set up of an iPad for school can be found in the PDF below:
iconiPad Device Guide