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Transition to School - 'School Starts'

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The School Starts Program is a transition to school program offered by St Joseph’s.  The aim is to provide a supportive and structured play environment in preparation for the commencement of Kindergarten.  The children participate in a number of school readiness activities such as;

  • Developing an understanding of how school functions eg: structured day, following directions, school bell, canteen.
  • Developing listening skills for use in the classroom eg. listening to peers and the teacher’s instructions.
  • Opportunities to develop and practice fine motor skills required for pencil and scissor work eg: pre-writing activities, cutting activities, tripod grip practice.
  • Developing independence with self-care activities eg: using the school toilets, unpacking a school bag, managing lunch boxes, using water bubblers, managing clothes.
  • An introduction to school expectations eg: using rubbish bins, wearing a hat outside.
  • Developing peer interaction and social skills and build early friendships with their peers.