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Student Leadership

Hi our names are Ella and Riley and we are the school captains of St Joseph’s Bulli.  As leaders of our school we have many responsibilities including leading and assisting in our school masses, assisting Mrs Tobin, meeting and greeting our special visitors, being a positive role model for all students demonstrating all Habits of Mind, while living and walking our school’s motto, in the ‘Truth and Light’ of our God. 

We also have four house captains who lead our school house colours in our three carnivals throughout the year.  They also assist in the running of the carnivals, organising relay teams, handing out awards and recognising achievements of all students, and organising our exciting ‘St Joseph’s War Cry’ competition.


When in Year 6, students have the opportunity to join one of our 6 leadership teams in the following areas:

Green Thumbs/WHS - Assisting Mr Wilde with our veggie gardens, cleaning and keeping our school beautiful.

Public Relations - Making all visitors to our school welcome and sharing the good news of St Josephs. 

Sport Coordinators - In charge of distributing equipment for the students during PE time and lunchtimes.

Liturgy Team - Lead the Monday morning prayer by reflecting back to Sunday’s Gospel readings.

Newsletter Reporter/Photographer - Writing about each class and what the have be doing during the week. 

Mini Vinnies/Posters - Making posters and fund-raising for St Vincent De Paul Society. 

 All Year 6 students have the opportunity to experience a new role in a different team each term.  This provides us with the platform to apply all Habits of Mind to our varying leadership roles.

 We, as the student’s of St Joseph’s, believe that we are ALL leaders, no matter the grade, as we always see a need and do something about it, just like St Mary of the Cross MacKillop.


Ella and Riley

School Captains 2015