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Behaviour Management

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St Joseph’s has 3 School Rules that are easy to recall but that encompass the important areas that ‘umbrella’ the many aspects of school life.




At the beginning of 2014 we began looking into a framework that would enable us, as a staff, to review the policies and procedures that we currently have in place with regards to promoting positive student behaviour and in dealing with inappropriate behaviour when it occurs.

SPB4L is a Diocesan initiative that has been running for a number of years now, in both Primary and High Schools and pilot schools were identified over four years ago. Our involvement began in 2014 when the staff agreed to make a commitment to the framework for the next 3-5 years.

Our involvement came about as a desire to continually review and improve what is happening for our school community and not because of any serious issue around behaviour or the way students choose to interact with each other.

SPB4L is a framework that is applied to a whole-school context. It is a positive behaviour support process that involves all staff and students. It relies heavily on the consistent use of comprehensive data collection, functional assessment and analysis, school-wide interventions and person-centred values.

Over the duration of 3-5 years St Joseph’s will develop comprehensive systems of support for all students at the whole school, non classroom, classroom and targeted/individual levels. During this first year the focus is on the non-classroom environment.