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Student Leadership

Leadership is encouraged in all students as part of their growth as learners and members of a community. Growth in leadership requires the development of skills and attitudes that focus students not on themselves but on others and the betterment of the school community. Being a leader is not about a title but about a way of being.

Student’s of St Joseph’s believe that they are all leaders, no matter the grade. They strive to always see a need and do something about it, just like St Mary of the Cross MacKillop.

Formalised leadership experiences begin in Stage 3 with the Year 5 overnight excursion to Canberra and connection with local community and political leaders. Year 5 also participate in the 'Explore Discover Act' program. Year 6 students begin their year with an overnight leadership camp.

St Joseph’s student leadership consists of:

  • two school captains
  • two vice-captains
  • eight house captains

Leadership is expected and encouraged in all senior students with Year 6 committing to one of 6 leadership teams and being positive role-models to all students:

  • Green Thumbs/WHS – Care for our school veggie gardens, gardens, recycling, worm farm, composting, keeping our school environment beautiful – read more here.
  • Public Relations – Making all visitors to the school welcome and sharing the good news of St Joseph’s. They also welcome new students and facilitate a welcome program.
  • Sport Coordinators – Organisation and distributing of PE and sports equipment for the students during PE and play times.
  • Liturgy Team – Lead the daily morning prayer and behaviour management focus. Lead school assembly prayer and awards.
  • Media – School newsletter reporters and photographers. They writing about each class’ learning and activities for the week.
  • Mini Vinnies – Raising awareness and fundraising for St Vincent De Paul Society.

All Year 6 students have the opportunity to experience a new role in a different team each term. This provides a platform to varying leadership roles and experiences.

For more information, view our Student Leadership Policy and Procedures